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Why FST?

This isn’t the stretching you did in Grade School. The fascial stretch approach can produce almost instant results alleviating pain and increasing mobility / range of motion.

This modality focuses on the fascia (lining of muscle and other tissue) and joint capsule to gently but effectively increase mobility, improve posture, relax tension, and improve circulation with little-to-no pain involved.

Synchronized breathing is key to this slow paced methodical work. The practitioner really strives to take the time to “listen” to what the fascia is telling them and respond appropriately to encourage the body to heal.


With FST the individual's needs are prioritized. Countless clients have reported that in just one session they have a reduction in their pain, and their posture and functional movement have significantly improved. Performed safely and pain-free, there is a personalized assessment, and the session is catered and customized for the individual’s specific needs.

Common Users

Alleviate chronic pain including back pain, sciatica, pinched nerves, posture issues, uneven hips/legs, poor circulation


Athletes: from professionals to weekend warriors to occasional trailblazers and or just everyday gym goers 

Complementing physical therapy, massage and injury rehab and or chiropractic  for added results


What to Expect:

Generally table based, face up and fully clothed, comfortable yet snug / secure straps stabilize the opposing limb from the current focus allowing for deeper, more meaningful and engaging stretch work. Sessions can last anywhere from 15 Min to 90 min depending on focus and need. 

You may feel near instant results and / or release, though it can take time and more than one session to peel away layers of tension / tightness from years of progressive stressors and postural issues and begin to feel lasting improvements.

There is never a moment pain is involved or encouraged so constant communication throughout the session should be expected. This type of recovery work is much more engaging and interactive than massage work.



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Joey J

I came in to see Sidney about a stretching session because I had been dealing with some leg fatigue and hip tightness. He quickly got me setup with an appointment. The session went extremely well.

Afterwards my legs felt refreshed and the tightness in my hips were minimal. I was able to workout pain free the following week, while also completing a Spartan race 7 days later. I believe the sessions will help my recovery time post workout. Highly recommend setting up and appointment with Sidney.

- Member


Kara B

I made an appointment for the FTS stretching with Sidney. I had given it a try before and it was really amazing. Recently I got a surgery and after being on crutches for 2 months, I was limping, and my hips and glutes were very tight. When I bent down, my hips were completely uneven and was causing me to walk unevenly. I wasnt sure if the stretching would help but figured I would try since I was having so much discomfort and back pain. 

After one session, I had so much relief and felt like I was even and walking straight again! The pinching in my low back went away, my legs felts so loose and I even felt 10 times better by the next morning! Looking forward to the next session of FTS and getting back to normal :)

I never knew this was a thing before coming here, and I really think that more doctors or therapists should recommend it. It can help a lot more people with a variety of issues if they knew about it.

- Member


Madi B

My two main reasons for coming in are general tightness in my hips and wanting to reduce the risk of any pain or injury when working out. I have a desk job so I sit for a large portion of the day and that in addition to my workouts make my hamstrings and hip flexors lock up often.

During the session I could feel the tightness went far beyond just my hips and into my core. Immediately following the session I felt immense relief in my two trouble areas. I noticed an improvement in my posture and range of motion. The first workout following my session I could tell that the tightness in my hips was not causing any pain during core focused exercises and the depth of squats felt much deeper and I the movement was smoother.

I'm really looking forward to adding this type of recovery into my routine more frequently - especially in preparation for upcoming fitness events that I intend to participate in!

- Member

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Liana U

I started doing FST sessions to help with mobility and muscle soreness.  It has been a great tool to assist in my recovery and overall wellness.  Sidney is very skilled and a master of the craft.  With each movement you can feel your ability to stretch deeper and loosen up.  There is a profound difference in how I feel from when I get on the table and when I get up.

- Member

Nancy J

A couple of years ago a massage therapist referred

me to Sidney because he practiced FST (Fascia

Stretch Therapy). I am an older women who has

several issues including arthritis and lack of flexibility

in my hips and legs that chiropractic and massage

was not helping. I hobbled into Sidney and literally

walked out! I started going to Sidney on a regular

basis (at first quite frequently and now a couple of

times a month) and I am now, not completely pain

free (he's not a miracle worker), but I have about

85% of my flexibility back, my body doesn't ache

constantly from being tight and cramped and I am

back to exercising and the recumbent bike. I highly

i recommend you give Sidney a try. Whether you have

chronic issues like me or occasional troubled areas

his gentle, but very skilled therapy will likely help. He

made a world of difference in my life. I'm sold on

both FST and Sidnev. Thanks Sid!

- Member

Dave S.

Sidney was recommended to me by my physical therapist after continuing to have  tightness in my back and stiffness in my hips and hamstrings.  The first stretch was amazing. Without the typical pain associated with stretching, Sidney’s work helped increase my mobility drastically in only one session. I got off the table feeling loose like a wet noodle. Back stiffness was completely eliminated. I really look forward to continuing to work with him, and increasing my overall joint health.  I am so grateful my physical therapist referred him to me. I feel like FST has added years of life to my joints

- Member

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